Max for Live patches

FDC Generator
The FDC Generator is a randomized highpass-filter/delay/chorus hybrid. You can generate small changes to heavy glitch effects.
Simply drag the device into a midi or audio track and choose the intensity/frequency of changes.
Have fun!

FDC Generator for Max for Live download

Chord Generator

Like the Schwarzonator the patch creates chord progressions, but in a more musical language. You can create triads and tetrads by pressing only one key on the keyboard. This key is automatically the root key.

You can generally choose between major and minor and add diminished or augmented additional notes. The third can be omitted.
Furthermore you can invert the chord from root inversion to the third inversion and set the chord’s disposition from close to open.
All functions can be randomized. With the random function you can generate some pretty weird stuff.

Chord Generator for Max for Live download

Tone Row Generator

This Max for Live patch generates random notes in different scales and tempi and combines composition techniques of Arnold Schoenberg and John Cage.

Like in Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique every tone row refers to a non-repetitive ordering of the notes, so no note will be played twice in a row. The Tone Row Generator also transfers the 12-tone-technique to other scales like the western church scales or pentatonic scales.

On the other hand John Cage’s idea of aleatoric music is incorporated in this plug-in. The randomness of the note output makes the generated music based on chance operations.

The Max urn objects realizes both composition techniques – generating numbers randomly and never twice in a row. 
However you use this midi-device – analytic or intuitive, synchronized or free – you can generate some pretty interesting sequences and even use it as an arpeggiator.

Version 1.1
– Tone Pitch (-48 to +48 in octaves)
– Randomize the tone pitch


Version 1.2
– Note Duration
– Randomize the note duration

Tone Row Generator for Max for Live download

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