Tone Row Generator

This Max for Live patch generates random notes in different scales and tempi and combines composition techniques of Arnold Schoenberg and John Cage.

Like in Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique every tone row refers to a non-repetitive ordering of the notes, so no note will be played twice in a row. The Tone Row Generator also transfers the 12-tone-technique to other scales like the western church scales or pentatonic scales.
On the other hand John Cage’s idea of aleatoric music is incorporated in this plug-in. The randomness of the note output makes the generated music based on chance operations.
The Max urn objects realizes both composition techniques – generating numbers randomly and never twice in a row.
However you use this midi-device – analytic or intuitive, synchronized or free – you can generate some pretty interesting sequences and even use it as an arpeggiator. Enjoy!

Tone Row Generator for Max for Live download

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